Unlock the renewable energy potential of all roofs

Rable manufactures an innovative mounting structure for solar panels. A solution that allows mounting of solar panels on all flat roofs, even when the roof construction is very weak. With the potential to equip all rooftops with solar energy using our zero-ballast solar support system, we can protect nature and accelerate the energy transition. 

Energy transition & mission  

The potential of the renewable electricity production is insufficiently exploited. Almost 50% of the roof surfaces in the Netherlands are considered “unsuitable” for solar due to structural limitation. At the beginning of 2019 only 6.5% of these roofs were equipped with PV.  This critical constraint is the reason why a huge amount of rooftops are not covered with PV, yet.  
Our mission is to unlock the solar energy potential of all roofs. Without expensive constructive adjustments for roofs with limited or severe construction constraints. And create a time-saving and frictionless installation with our pre-mounted, folding mechanism.      

Rable designed and manufactures the ultimate solution for roofs that cannot handle the extra weight, which comes with the traditional mounting systems. Due to its self-supporting and light construction there is no need for ballast or extensive anchoring. 

Innovative technology

  • Self-supporting solar mounting system based on lattice design
  • Tensile element (steel cable) creates a bending resistance in the longitudinal direction allowing large span between roof beams up to 10 meters. The system is attached to the roof only at the roof columns or – beams, while hovering over the roof plates.
  • The slim steel cable does not measurably impact the energy generation of the cells. In the cross-directional direction, bending resistance is formed by the latticework fencing. 
  • Anchors at the ends prevent up-lift by wind, without having to apply additional ballast. Few anchors are required (up to 80% less) in comparison to traditional anchor mounting systems. 
  • Roofsupports can be positioned anywhere along the ground bar. This allows installers to place the system weight exactly on the roofcolumns or –beams
  • The construction unfolds at installation over the rails and can be folded back if necessary (e.g. for roof maintenance) 
  • Leightweight panels can be pre mounted on the structure – pre assembly is carried out in a controlled environment. Rable mounting structures can be equipped with all sizes and brands of solar panels.  

The Rable solar system uses an FEA model and a CFD simulation for wind and snow loads and has undergone several wind tunnel tests.

FEA calculations made by SDC Verifier team

Zero Ballast

Self Supporting


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Wouter van den Bos

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Luuk Verhagen

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